Amma Lee (they/them) is a humanitarian, parent, shaman, writer, and artist who is recognized as an innovator in the fields of trauma, recovery, humanitarian crisis, and social justice since the mid-1990s. To pivot beyond the “victim and addict” constrictive paradigms, transcending into one who thrives and walks alongside those willing to heal is an honor for them. Since working in over 50 countries, Amma explores their adventures in healing, as well as life with their loved ones and global community, from their homebase in Austin, Texas.


Founder of the @altforgetful Project and the Our Lives Our Stories initiatives, Amma’s dedication to growth and healing is more than a personal calling. They often say that, “The bravest journey is the one within.”

As a person who lives with a disability and identifies as non-binary and queer, Amma has a personal investment in the integration of DEIB in all facets of organisational development and staff wellness process, as well as the means by which intersectionality is interwoven into organisational wide programs, learning and development, and stakeholder representation. This is a focus that they have brought to all of their roles, with a lens towards breaking down unconscious biases and discrimination internally and externally in organisations, ensuring an alignment between internal and external facing humanitarian principles. Amma’s role is to catalyze leaders, staff, and stakeholders to reach their highest potential.

Amma is specialized in the design, delivery, and evaluation of tailored and contextually respectful responses to the effects of trauma and humanitarian crises. They have advised numerous non-profits, NGOs, UN agencies, and governmental organizations for over 20 years as an innovator in the fields of Staff Wellbeing, Duty of Care, MHPSS Technical Advisement, DEIB, and Cross Addiction Program Creation and Development. 

Amma has extensive global, volatile, natural disaster, and medical emergency experience in varied contexts, wherein they created wellbeing infrastructures and provided support to all levels of leadership, expat and national/local staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries. With diplomas in Crisis Counseling, Integral Hypnotherapy, Somatic Integration, and Psychodynamics Amma is able to design and tailor personalized and contextualized responses. They have been awarded international recognition as a leader in Social Justice and Duty of Care. Amma’s past deployments include: Sudan, Chad, Uganda, Liberia, Somalia, Kenya, CAR, DRC, Nigeria, Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, India, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Italy, Austria, and the North Americas. Remote Missions: Sierra Leone, Guinea, Vanuatu, Ukraine, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Bahamas, Mexico, and Nicaragua. 


Read their blog and articles for tools and stories to help you transform your life. Contact Amma directly should you wish to receive their support services, wellbeing advisement, ritual facilitation, and/or training:  Contact Form  LinkedIn  Instagram  Intake Forms