Amanda LeeAmanda’s dedication to growth and healing is a personal calling. To step beyond the words “victim, addict or survivor,” transcending into one who thrives and walks alongside those brave enough to heal is an honor. Ms. Lee is here to answer your questions, facilitate healing, training, and to share her experience, strength, and hope. Read her Blog for tools and stories to help you transform your life. Reach out if you are seeking recovery from abuse, addiction, and trauma.

Amanda is a licensed Integral Hypnotherapist and Psychodynamic Therapist, humanitarian, writer, educator, artist, and dancer who has worked in the fields of crisis and psychological trauma recovery and social injustice since the mid 1990s. Her initial experience began in the United States, where she worked in Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), addiction and trauma treatment facilities and with prisoners.

Based in Western Europe for over 13 years, Ms. Lee is an innovator in the fields of International Humanitarian Response, PTSD, Psychosocial Care, Childhood & Adult Sexual Assault, Relationships, Cross Addiction Program Creation and Development, and the support of individuals, couples, and groups through her private practice. She works in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.


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