Working with Humanitarian Agencies for over 17 years, Ms. Lee is an innovator in the fields of  Duty of Care in International Humanitarian Response, PTSD, MHPSS Technical Advisement, Childhood & Adult Sexual Assault, Relationships, Cross Addiction Program Creation and Development, and the support of individuals, couples, and NGOs through her consultation and private practice. She specializes in the delivery and evaluation of tailored, contextually respectful, therapeutic response to the effects of humanitarian crisis. A few of her past missions include: Sudan, Chad, Uganda, Liberia, Somalia, Kenya, CAR, DRC, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, India, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Western Europe, North America. Remote Missions: Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Amanda is licensed in Integral Hypnotherapy, Somatic Integration, and Psychodynamics. She is a humanitarian, writer, educator, artist, and dancer who has worked in the fields of crisis and psychological trauma recovery and social injustice since the mid 1990s. Her initial experience began in the United States, where she worked in Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), addiction, trauma treatment facilities, and with prisoners.

Ms. Lee has extensive global, volatile, humanitarian, natural disaster and medical emergency experience in various contexts. She has consulted with many NGOs and UN agencies providing support to HQ, coordination teams, line management, expat, national staff, and beneficiaries through individual and group psychosocial support and interventions, training development and delivery.

Amanda’s dedication to growth and healing is a personal calling. She’s written that, “The bravest journey is the one within.” To step beyond the words she has identified with herself, such as “victim, addict, and survivor,” transcending into one who thrives and walks alongside those brave enough to heal is an honor. Ms. Lee is here to support you, or your organization, in building comprehensive Staff Care infrastructures, responding to critical incidences, MHPSS technical advisement, to answer your questions, facilitate healing, and share her experience, strength, and hope. 

Read her Blog for tools and stories to help you transform your life. Reach out if you are seeking recovery from abuse, addiction, and trauma.

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