Recently I passed along the below resource while speaking with a representative from a well known global media outlet at SXSW who was lamenting difficulties in navigating the oft times precarious pathway of international negotiations. Linguist and cultural anthropologist Richard D. Lewis developed this helpful shortcut for those of us who find ourselves repeatedly at the intersection of multiple stakeholders with diverse communication norms.

Having spent the last 20 years honing skills in integrated and anthropologic healing modalities while working in numerous humanitarian field locations I will by no means suggest that an infographic is the sole answer to the question of cultural bridge construction. However, for those in need of a starting point, When Cultures Collide might prove useful. Otherwise throwing yourself full throttle into the world with equal parts humility, curiosity, and know-how in your professional field can also serve you well.

What easy to reference tools do you use in your negotiations? How do you ensure that you maintain professionalism and healthy boundaries, whilst also being open and respectful to adapting your approach, objectives, and designs?

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