We were accustomed to living life on-guard; sentries to our bodies, minds, and spirits. Not knowing when the next abusive episode would come has robbed us of the ability to feel secure when the threat is absent. Most of us would dream of fantasy and future scenarios where we could be safe; a means to dissociate from a toxic reality. The safety we deserved was rarely found in the here and now.

We’re done with that.


  • Know where your feet are. Feel the sensations in your feet when they’re touching the floor.
  • Look around and say 5 things you see that help you feel present.
  • Breathe in, feeling your body expand. Exhale, feeling as you control your breath, your choices, this moment.

Affirmation: I am safe in this moment.

Journal Cue: What can I do to bring myself into the present and affirm my safety?

© Amanda Lee

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