Much of our sense of personal beauty can be knotted up in the views of others in our lives, and the beauty myths, comparisons, and marketing in the media. We have been manipulated by both to hand over our power, allowing others to judge and dictate to us how beautiful we are. Oft times abusers and the media seek for us to believe the worst about ourselves so that we are beholden and dependent upon them for feeding our sense of self-worth.

You deserve a different story. That self-defeating mask is going to be shattered. You are gorgeous, because you exist.


  • Stand in front of a mirror and touch every part of your body from head to toe, that you feel you can, while saying, “I love this (body part). This (body part) is mine.”

Affirmation: I am beautiful.

Journal Cue: What are 5 things that are beautiful about you? …Add another 5 things to the list. And add another 5 things to the list. Write an additional 5 things, until you have 20 things listed that are beautiful about you.

© Amanda Lee