Let’s get books to our community members who are in prison, before the holidays!

I worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice early in my career and know how desperate the conditions can be. One of the things that can bring light into an otherwise dark situation is access to learning, research, recovery, and literature. You can make a huge difference in a person’s life by donating money, books, or volunteering for the Inside Books Project.

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If you are unable to donate funds, but would like to donate books, this is a list of the books and genres that are needed. Soft cover dictionaries are ESPECIALLY IN DEMAND.  You can also post books to me directly or via Amazon, if you are in another location.

Contact me if you are interested in donating books: amanda@terminallyforgetful.com

Books most in need – All Softcover Please:


Dictionaries (our most popular request!)

African American Studies

Pulp Fiction – Thrillers, Fantasy, Westerns, and Sci-Fi

Graphic Novels

Books in Spanish

Trade Books + How To Manuals – Plumbing, Woodwork, Electrical Repair, etc.

Science and Math Textbooks

ESL – English as a Second Language

Test Prep Books – GED/SAT and Similar

Black / African American Literature

Latino Studies (Esp. Mexican History)

Native American tribes (esp. Aztec and Mayan)

Games + Puzzles


Yoga + Fitness

Psychology and Philosophy

Writing + Grammar Resources

Books we do not need :

Hardcover fiction – these books are too heavy to mail

Blank journals / composition books – these have sadly been banned

Encyclopedias – these are too heavy to mail

Books with nudity – these are banned

Wire bound books – these are banned