Our Lives Our Stories is an international community project creating global resiliency through participatory story telling and tools sharing.

You are invited to join a global movement of people sharing their stories of survival and the tools they’ve used to overcome personal struggle to live fuller lives.

Together we are building a resiliency network. It is through the knowledge that no one is alone on their journey that we come to realize the strength found in  togetherness.

Your life story and experiences have an important part to play in healing our global community. It is through the candid bravery of people just like you, that those who have yet to find their voice gather the strength to do so.

Add your thread to the tapestry of courage.


To participate and contribute to Our Lives Our Stories:

Answer the Following Questions Through Writing, Video, Or Visual Media (Photo, Collage, Meme, etc)

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Note: All submissions will remain anonymous when published, unless you provide explicit consent or choose to identify yourself in your submission. By submitting your story and media, you are automatically giving Our Lives Our Stories permission to use these materials for the Our Lives Our Stories campaign and published materials. Your published story and materials will be used for the purposes of our work to build global psychosocial resiliency networks. Our Lives Our Stories reserves the right to select and edit content. Any content containing any form of hate and violence (in language or ideas) against any gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, country, nationality, age group, social class etc will not be featured.

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