To escape the terror of abuse many of us would dissociate by dreaming of future possibilities. We would construct magnificent imaginary glass castles. This exercise could transcend into relationships, jobs, and school. We would build entire villages of glass castles in our minds about the way things “should” turn out.

The problem with glass castles is that they eventually shatter when reality hits them, and they leave painful piles of glass shards. We become entombed in the disappointment of our imaginary futures not being realized.

We are unable to predict the future no matter how much we may want to, or how hard we try. However, we can experience all of the comfort we sought through building glass castles, by releasing the future and giving our focus to the present.


  • Sit in a safe place with your eyes closed.
  • Breathe deeply and allow yourself to think of your future expectations.
  • Next imagine a hot air balloon.
  • Place all of your glass castle ideas, stressors, and worries into the hot air balloon and allow it float away.
  • Say good-bye and wish the glass castle fantasies good luck.
  • Return to your breath and the present moment.

Affirmation: I have faith that the future is unfolding as it should.

Journal Cue: Sit in a place you think is beautiful. Write a description of everything you experience with your eight senses: gravity, skin, hearing, sight behind your eyelids, smell, taste, focus mind on your breath, inner sensations and feelings.

© 2018 Amanda Lee