Join us in spreading connection and hope to strangers to battle the effects of terminal forgetfulness and depression.

This simple concept was born from a spark of inspiration, in 2006, when our founder, Amma-Lee, learned of Frank Warren’s PostSecret project. She felt if so many people resonated with the need to anonymously share their secrets, then that meant there was an immense amount of suffering that numerous people were carrying alone. Her years of humanitarian work resonated with this realization. She bought a pack of thank you cards, a set of multicolored pens, and wrote numerous thank you notes to strangers. Thanking them for simply being on this planet, and letting them know that they weren’t alone.

Over the years these notes have been written on Post-it notes and posted all over the world, written with chalk on sidewalks, in used books and left in humanitarian projects, buses, trains, and planes, or distributed randomly to strangers who looked like they might need a reminder of their worth.

The website, you find yourself on now, was created as a further step in the efforts to remind others that they are not alone in their suffering. There is always someone who has survived what you may be going through, and there are tools for survival from trauma and addiction that we can all share with one another.

And so…with all of that said…we welcome you to join us in this global web of anonymous caring, compassion, and goodwill to strangers.

How Can I Participate in the @altforgetful Project?

Great question! It’s super easy!! And…it feels amazing to do!

1. Gather together writing materials


  • Blank greetings cards
  • Envelopes
  • Post-it notes
  • Index cards
  • Pens
  • Markers, etc.

2. Think of kind messages of support to write to strangers.


  • The sun is shining, because you are here.
  • I am grateful that you exist.
  • You deserve to be here.

3. Write down your messages using your chosen supplies.

At the end of your message, or on the back of the card, write: The @altforgetful Project

4. Distribute your cards!


  • Hand them out to random strangers when you’re going about your day.
  • Leave them in public places where someone might come across them.

5. Share pictures of your efforts and encourage others to participate!

Tag @altforgetful on Instagram in your pictures, or message us so that we can share in your enthusiasm about the @altforgetful Project.

6. Would you like to bring the @altforgetful Project to a group, school, or have our founder facilitate a workshop and speak about it? 

Reach out to us:

7. Put your left hand on your right shoulder, then put your right hand on your left shoulder. Now squeeze.

Give yourself a hug, and know that there is always someone who cares about you! We are grateful that you exist.

8. Make a Donation to help bring The @altforgetful Project to schools, and enable us to cover outreach and supply costs.

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