Contemplations from the denouement of my time in silent retreat:

It seems, to me, that there exists a realm wherein we can all agree on certain undeniable truths. I can not claim to know what these are for you and I. I simply, and earnestly, believe it to be true.

That said, I am equally certain that there exists a vast realm between one person’s inner truth, and reality, and that of another.

May we create an addition to our realm of connectedness? An agreement of mutual respect amidst disagreement?

I can love you, honor your existence, your agency, without the need to agree with or endorse your beliefs or actions.

I do not ask for your love.
I do not ask for your faith or belief in me.
I ask nothing of you.
No change of behavior.
No risk.
No belief shifts.
You are free to reject, shame, force, or hate me.
Do as you will.

I can not control another person.
I have lied, manipulated, bought, hit, screamed, stolen, killed, threatened, destroyed, cheated, sold, hidden, prayed, pleaded, and self-harmed in efforts to change others.

In freeing myself from seeking to alter you, I am quite suddenly free to hold compassion and love for you.

I share to bear witness to this personal becoming, this cauterization of reactivity; my restoration of choice.

When I declare to you that I am grateful that you exist, whomever you are, whatever you do, think, or feel, it is because I actually am. It is because I hold a love for you, that although oft times painful, is beyond repudiation.

Am I a fool?
Am I crazy?
Am I the many thoughts of rejection and aversion you may hold in your mind about me?

The only honest answer I have is my present state of physical existence and the awareness of sensations within me, which is solely mine to contain and share as opportunity arises. I choose to call this the 10 Fold Pathway.

Peace, love, compassion, and solidarity in this brave journey of life,