We’ve been taught that we’re not allowed to feel angry. We’re told that if we are angry we’ll harm ourselves or others. We’ve been called names and told we’re crazy and unstable if we’re angry. Societal and cultural norms seek to stifle our right to feel and express anger. Abusers and narcissists will blame us for their anger, yet will play the victim themselves should we express indignation.

Allowing anger to sit within us can be as harmful as leaving food to rot in a box. Any nutritious food we add to the box will become tainted and rot as well. You have permission to empty your inner anger box. You have permission to experience your anger and to release it safely. The only way is through.


  • Go into a room or closet where you feel safe. SCREAM and YELL. Allow yourself to fully empty all of your stifled rage.
  • Tape a name, picture, or letter onto a pillow that represents something you’re angry about. Punch or throw the pillow.
  • Take old chipped plates, bowls, glasses, or cups and smash them in a dumpster or fire pit. You can also use a permanent marker and write things on the dishes that enrage you, prior to smashing them.

Affirmation: I allow myself to feel and express my anger safely.

Journal Cue: List 10 ways you would like to express your anger in a safe way.

© Amanda Lee