We were taught to keep secrets; forced to live lies. Abusers sought to control us by threatening our welfare. We have been silenced through shame and fear, made to believe lies about ourselves and others. For some of us, the very fabric of reality was so shot through with false beliefs that we couldn’t recognize our own lives.

Today we can learn to look at ourselves, and our lives, without the filters of lies and deception. We can see clearly and live truthfully. You have the right to be here, exactly as you are.


  • Look up online: “The Feeling Wheel.” The Feeling Wheel is a helpful visual tool developed by Dr. Gloria Willcox. Identify how you’re feeling using feeling terms you find on the Feeling Wheel that correspond more specifically to your actual state of being rather than generalities.
  • When someone asks you, “How are you doing?” or “Are you okay?” try to answer them honestly, rather than using an insincere response. If you’re uncertain try to use the Feeling Wheel or try: “I’m not sure,” “I’m present,” “I’m still figuring it out.”

Affirmation: I am honest with myself and others today.

Journal Cue: Write about why honesty is important to you.

© Amanda Lee