Vulnerability can be scary, especially if we’ve been rejected or attacked when we’ve opened ourselves to others. Many of us seek to build a fortress of protection around ourselves to ward against the threat of attack. We go to extremes, on one side seeking to survive on our own in isolation, pushing away any who seek to approach our walls. On the other side, we expect people to read our minds and know when and how we need help, and to offer it in exactly the “right way.”

Neither of these options provide us the support we need. We are simply unable to “do it all” ourselves. A major step on our journey of healing from abuse is learning to ask for help.

You are worthy of help from others.


  • First, think of 2 things that you could use help with, right now, and write that down.
  • Next, write a list of people and organizations you feel you can rely on.
  • Lastly, ask 2 people from your list to help you with what you wrote down.

Affirmation: I am courageous when I need assistance, and I ask for help.

Journal Cue: Write 3 examples of situations where you needed help, but didn’t ask. What happened? How could receiving help have improved the situations?

© Amanda Lee