how to find peace in uncertainty on one hand or the otherThe human condition is fraught with duality. On one hand we want some modicum of control over our lives, to know that all will be well according to plan; on the other hand we long to feel the miraculous and unexpectedly wondrous occur. Regardless of what we want, our plans, or the efforts we put into manifesting certain outcomes – life still happens in its own rhythm. How do you maintain serenity amongst life’s uncertainty?

1. Do Less Now, So That You Can Do More Later

Give yourself the gift of under functioning. When things are uncertain we have a tendency to shift into a higher gear. By doing more and taking on more projects we circumvent our fears of the unknown. I often throw self-will at a problem in hopes that I can seduce the universe into giving me a desired outcome. Worry and stress actually clog the plumbing system of God’s will in your life.

When you relax and take it easy, life flows of its own accord and you remain calm. However, if you are tense in the face of uncertainty you turn into a boulder thrown into the stream of life. Then what happens? You’ll hit bottom, unable to progress or move forward – You’ll be stuck. Allow yourself to recenter on your basic needs. Self-nurturing in times of uncertainty will transform you from an immovable object into a piece of driftwood flowing along life’s current.

Essentially to “Let Go and Let God” enables you to recharge your internal batteries for when you are called back into action.

2. Sharing with Others

There is often a sense of shame that accompanies uncertainty. Shame begets silence. Silence begets insanity. We’re not becoming conductors of our uncertainty crazy train today. So, step away from the station and pick up the phone. I know, it’s heavy. When you’re feeling vulnerable a telephone can feel like it weighs 500 pounds. It’s important to strengthen those “connection” muscles!

We’re only as sick as our secrets. You’re denying another person the opportunity of relating their own experience, strength and hope when you don’t share what you’re going through. This concept is the polar opposite of what your mind tries to make you believe, right? We have a false belief system that  tells us sharing our pain burdens others, when in actuality it is the sacred thread that connects us to each other. Withholding = Isolation. Sharing = Freedom + Connection. You deserve to be Free.

3. Enjoying This Moment

Doom, Fear and Self-sabotage exist when we future pace. Being fully present and mindful creates the opportunity for seeds of gratitude to grow and flourish. Cultivating an “attitude of gratitude” is an action, not an internal thought process, that completely counters the debilitating effects of uncertainty. Everyone has a different means of attaining conscious abundance. These are a few ways to cultivate it for yourself:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Hiking
  • Drawing
  • Writing gratitude lists
  • Yoga
  • Tantric sex
  • Meditation
  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong
  • Being with pets
  • Hugging
  • Running
  • Mantra recitation
  • Giving and receiving massage
  • Singing and playing music
  • Making art
  • Ecstatic Dancing
  • Stream of Conscious writing
  • Mindful cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Sewing, knitting and crafting

What ways have worked for you to find peace in uncertainty?

© Amanda Lee